The leak of secret documents on Ukraine is the tip of the iceberg: the analysis that makes the US tremble

The leak of secret documents from the US Department of Defense represents the worst national security breach in recent years. But it is only the tip of the iceberg. Kirby: “Contact with allies, we will update them as soon as possible.”

The disclosure of top secret documents of the US Ministry of Defense on Twitter and Telegram, which occurred in recent days, represents the worst violation of national security in recent years. But it is only the tip of the iceberg, as it concerns materials that had begun to circulate long before any of this was noticed.

In the papers in question are details of Ukraine’s lack of munitions. US intelligence-gathering methods used against Russia and embarrassing evidence indicating Washington is keeping an eye on close partners like Ukraine, South Korea and Israel. Analysts suggest the damage to the United States could be even greater.

Public safety Gathering representative John Kirby said in the news that President Joe Biden was advised of the release before the end of last week. Kirby also added that Washington’s allies were being consulted “at high levels.”

What secret documents are published and what does the war in Ukraine have to do with it

One of the documents in question , dated Feb. 23, 2023 and checked secret, subtleties how Ukraine’s Soviet-time S-300 air protection frameworks would be exhausted by May 2 at their ongoing pace of purpose. It is not clear whether Kiev has since changed the rate of use of S-300 missiles. Whether stockpiles have been replenished or whether it is now relying more on other anti-aircraft systems.

Ukraine has denied a report that it would be forced to alter some military plans. Ahead of a long-awaited counter-offensive due to the leak. Mykhailo Podolyak, consultant to President Zelensky, said that Kiev’s masterful courses of action have stayed unaltered. However unambiguous strategies are consistently dependent on future developments.

The origin of the leak traced by Bellingcat

Investigative journalism group Bellingcat sought to trace the leak through a variety of channels used by different online communities. Mostly involving teenagers with interests ranging from military equipment. Orthodox Christianity, music and video games. And who use Discord, a very popular messaging platform among online gamers.

Indeed, a few Friction clients let Bellingcat know that the first wellspring of the break was a server utilized by just 20 individuals. Under a wide range of names, most frequently Hooligan Shaker Focal. It was made by the devotees of a famous YouTuber called Oxide. Who posts recordings about weapons and other military stuff. The first documents were published in October and related in particular to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The documents didn’t spread beyond Thug Shaker Central until late February, when one of the users began posting 107 of the photographed documents to a more popular server, WowMao. For devotees of a UK-based Filipino YouTuber known for his image recordings, frequently about European and Asian history. The pioneer behind Hooligan Shaker Focal, and two of its previous clients. Let Bellingcat know that the records posted on WowMao are only a “glimpse of something larger”. Contrasted with how much reports initially transferred.

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