Taiwan: Chinese military provocation after Kevin McCarthy’s visit

Facts China sent three warships and an anti-submarine helicopter around Taiwan on Thursday, April 6. The day after the meeting in California between the island’s president, Tsai Ing-wen, and the leader of the US Place of Delegates, Kevin McCarthy.

The Chinese military reaction against Taiwan was quick. Three warships, including a plane carrying warship, and a Chinese enemy of submarine helicopter confuse and fly over the island of Taiwan. Scarcely hours after the political gathering, Wednesday April 5 in Los Angeles, of the leader of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen, with the speaker of the Place of Delegates, Kevin McCarthy. The third highest American politician .

Tension rises again in the Taiwan Strait

“This situation could lead to a confrontation” immediately reacted on her Twitter account Bonnie Glaser. The China and Indo-Pacific specialist at the German Marshall Fund. The other day, in the Tokyo day to day Japan Times. That’s what she declared “China couldn’t let the Tsai-McCarthy meeting pass without responding. This would put Xi Jinping in a feeble position” despite Sino-American strains.

Relations “more grounded than any time in recent memory” among Taiwan and the US

In this combustible setting, Kevin McCarthy embraced a mindful tone.. He assured that the relationship between Taipei and Washington was “stronger” than it has ever been. The chosen delegate from California was encircled by a huge gathering of parliamentarians, conservatives and liberals the same, to get the Taiwanese president. Who was “on the way” after a visit through Latin America.

Trade across the Taiwan Strait hampered

The Taipei Mainland Affairs Council (MAC), the self-governing island’s top body responsible for setting policy toward China, has accused Beijing of “hindering” trade across the Taiwan Waterway by continuing nearby assessments of freight and traveler vessels. “The Chinese side’s improvement deliberately raises cross-Stream pressures,” the Mac said. “This is a crazy encroachment of the cross-stream moving appreciation and ocean practices. Which will forebodingly influence standard cross-stream traffic,” Taiwan said.

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