Space: the striking picture of a supersonic dark opening and its path of stars uncovered by NASA

NASA has just announced that it has made an unprecedented discovery. She managed to detect the presence of a “supermassive” black hole tearing through space at a considerable speed and leaving behind a huge trail of stars that stretches over no less than 200,000 light years. Its mass is estimated at 20 million times that of our sun.

In its race through the interstellar void, the celestial object collides with clouds of gas present on its way. These encounters, which result in the confrontation of disproportionate forces, lead this gas to transform into stars spreading out over a considerable length. It is these stars that have been spotted by the Hubble Space Telescope. The black hole being impossible to observe directly.

Assumption By NASA

“We assume we see a wake behind the dark opening where the gas is cooling and can frame stars,” said Yale College researcher Pieter van Dokkum. What we see are the aftermath. Like the wake of a ship, we see the wake of the black hole.” Specialists consider it likely that the gas is initially heated by the collision with the black hole, before cooling following its passage. These variations would thus be at the origin of the birth of stars. “The gas before it is struck by the supersonic effect, at exceptionally fast, of the dark opening”, adds the trained professional

For our purposes, occupants of the Earth, the gamble of being consumed by this gigantic dark opening is absolutely nothing. The scientists behind its disclosure bring up that these occasions occurred exceptionally far away in space. At a time also very far off, when the universe was just a portion of its ongoing age. Furthermore, assuming the peculiarity is discernible today. It is on the grounds that light required billions of years to contact us.

We likewise discover that this disclosure was made unintentionally. Using the Hubble telescope, scientist Pieter van Dokkum “noticed a small trail” of stars described as “quite amazing, very, very bright and very unusual”. “It was unlike anything we had seen before,” he said. This sort of dark opening, which had never been noticed, couldn’t be a secluded case, notes NASA.

The space office and established researchers are including specifically on the new Nancy Effortlessness Roman telescope. Which ought to be sent off during the ten years, to refine their examination. It should permit a lot more extensive perception of room. With the capacity to detect other star trails, indications of the presence of dark openings.

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