Nova Scotia Highway Cams: Your Eye on the Road

Ever wonder what the roads are like before you head out on a drive? Now you can get a live look with the Nova Scotia highway cams. The Department of Public Works has set up cameras at locations across the province so you can see what’s happening on the roads in real time. Whether you want to check if the highways are clear before starting your commute or see if the leaves have started changing colors in Cape Breton, these highway cams are your eye on the road. With just a few clicks, you can get a live view of what’s going on from the comfort of your home. Before you hop in the car for a drive anywhere in Nova Scotia, take a quick peek at the highway cams. You’ll feel more at ease knowing what traffic and weather conditions are like out there. The open road is calling – see for yourself with the Nova Scotia highway cams.

How Nova Scotia Highway Cams Work

Ever wonder what the roads are like before you head out on a drive? Thanks to the Nova Scotia Highway Cams, you can get a live look at conditions from the comfort of home.

The Department of Public Works operates cameras at over 50 locations across the province. Just go to their website and click on the camera icon on the interactive map to view a live feed. You’ll see what the weather’s doing and how much traffic is on the road.

  • Check on a route you’re planning to take to see if there are any delays or accidents. The cameras provide a real-time glimpse at what you might encounter.
  • See how much snow has fallen in other areas of the province. If it’s coming down hard up north, you’ll know to expect it soon! The cameras are especially useful for monitoring road conditions during snowstorms and other severe weather events.
  • Get a scenic view of some of Nova Scotia’s most beautiful spots. Even if you have no travel plans, the cameras provide a window into our picturesque province. Tune in to watch a sunrise over the Cobequid Mountains or a sunset on the Cabot Trail.

The highway cams are a handy resource for anyone on the move in Nova Scotia. Next time you’re wondering what’s happening on the roads, just log on for a live look before you head out. The cameras provide peace of mind and help ensure you get where you need to go safely.

Where Are the Cameras Located Around the Province?

Checking the road cams before you head out on a drive is a smart move. The Nova Scotia Department of Public Works has cameras posted at strategic locations across the province so you know what to expect.

  • Along major highways like the 101, 102, 104 and 105, you’ll find cameras spaced every 10-15 kilometers or so. This helps give you a sense of road conditions for your full route.
  • Near most exits and entrances to the highways, there are also cameras. This way you can see what traffic is like getting on or off the highway at your destination.
  • At some intersections and roundabouts, cameras provide a view of how busy the crossing roads are. This insight helps you decide if an alternate route might be better.

The road cameras are especially useful in bad weather when you want to check if roads are clear, snow covered or icy. During storms, the Department aims to update camera feeds every 10-15 minutes so you have an accurate glimpse of current conditions.

Most Useful Routes to Check

Highway 103

This major route spanning the province from Yarmouth to Halifax is a must-check. With cameras placed every 10-15 kilometers, you’ll get a clear picture of current road conditions and any traffic issues along your journey. This information is especially useful in the winter when snow and ice are common, or during summer construction season.

Highway 101

Like Highway 103, this critical east-west corridor has cameras stationed frequently along its path from Digby to Halifax. Highway 101 tends to see high traffic volumes, so being able to view the road ahead gives you the insight to know if you should delay your trip or reroute to avoid major delays. The cameras also provide visibility into any accidents that may be blocking the roadway.

Cobequid Pass

Check these cameras, especially in poor weather, to determine if the Pass is open or closed before heading out. The steep grades and exposure of this route can make for treacherous driving conditions during snow, ice or high winds.

  • Other useful routes: Highway 104 (from Port Hawkesbury to Sydney), Highway 105 (from Yarmouth to Shelburne)
  • Consider checking cameras for:

› Your daily commute to work

› Planning a road trip across the province

› Heading out in poor weather to determine road safety

› Monitoring road conditions around civic holidays when traffic volumes are highest

The network of highway cameras across Nova Scotia provides an invaluable service to help keep you informed and your travels safe. Be sure to bookmark the site and check in whenever you’re hitting the road.


So there you have it, an inside look at the road conditions across Nova Scotia without even having to step outside. Highway cams are a total game changer for planning your drive or just checking in to see what the roads are like. Now you’ve got eyes on highways all over the province from the comfort of your home. Whether you’re heading out for a road trip to Cape Breton, commuting to work in Halifax or just want to see what the conditions are like at your favorite beach, the highway cams have you covered. Stay safe out there and happy travels! Thanks to the Nova Scotia Department of Public Works for providing this helpful resource.

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