My Divorced Crybaby Neighbor Chapter 43 Updates

You shake your head as the familiar wails start up again next door. It’s been over a year since the divorce but your neighbor still hasn’t moved on. At first, you felt bad for the guy – anyone would be upset after 20 years of marriage ended. But his daily sob sessions on the front lawn are getting ridiculous. As the cries drift through your open window, you wonder if he’ll ever run out of tears. Maybe his therapist went on vacation and told him to just let it all out until she gets back. You’d offer him a shoulder to cry on but you already tried that – three times – and your shirt still hasn’t dried from the last attempt. At this point, you’re considering moving to get away from the drama but worry he might follow you there, dragging his box of tissues behind him like a security blanket. Here we go again, you think, as another round of weeping begins. The saga continues.

The Latest Drama From My Divorced Crybaby Neighbor

Your divorced crybaby neighbor is at it again. Last week, she had the audacity to complain about the “noise” from your kid’s birthday party. A few kids laughing and playing in the backyard for a couple hours on a Saturday afternoon is too much for her highness to handle, apparently.

According to her, the “racket” gave her a headache and ruined her afternoon nap. Give me a break. This woman needs to get a life. Her constant complaining and victim mentality are tiresome.

You tried to be understanding at first, but enough is enough. The noise from one kid’s birthday party is not a legitimate reason to make a fuss, especially when she frequently has her loud, obnoxious friends over on weeknights. The double standard is ridiculous.

Rather than apologizing again to pacify her like you usually do, you told her that while you want to be respectful neighbors, her frequent unreasonable complaints need to stop. A bit of noise from time to time is part of life in a neighborhood. If she can’t handle that, maybe she should consider moving to an isolated area without any neighbors nearby to annoy her.

You’re hoping your straight talk might finally get through to her. But knowing your crybaby neighbor, the drama is likely far from over. She’ll probably find something else trivial to whine about again soon. The saga continues! What’s a neighbor to do?

She Blames Me for Her Dog Running Away (Again!)

Ugh, not again. The other morning, I wake up to hysterical pounding on my front door. It’s my neighbor, tears streaming down her face, shrieking that her dog ran off…and it’s all my fault.

Apparently, she let the dog out in the front yard, as usual, but when she went to bring him in, he was gone. According to her, the reason he ran away is because I didn’t walk over and entertain him with treats and belly rubs like I always do. How was I supposed to know I’m obligated to babysit her dog every time she lets him out?!

I felt terrible that her dog was missing, I really did. But blaming me for her irresponsibility was too much. I calmly told her that while I sympathize, her dog getting loose had nothing to do with me. She needs to take better care to watch him when he’s outside if she doesn’t want this to keep happening.

Calling the Cope in My Divorced Crybaby Neighbor (Chapter 43)

The Final Straw

After weeks of your neighbor’s hysterical crying and screaming matches, you’ve finally had enough. The last time, his wailing went on for over an hour in the middle of the night. You were dead tired and had an important meeting the next morning. Something had to give.

Placing the Call

Exhausted and fed up, you pick up the phone and dial 911 to report a noise disturbance. “My neighbor has been screaming and crying for over an hour. Can you please send someone to check on him and ask him to keep it down?.”

The Aftermath

About 20 minutes later, you see the flashing lights outside and hear a knock on your neighbor’s door. The crying abruptly stops. You peer out the window to see two police officers talking to your neighbor. He appears disheveled but calm. After a few minutes, the officers leave. Blissful silence at last.

The next morning, you run into your neighbor in the driveway. He avoids eye contact but mumbles, Calling the authorities seemed to do the trick, and you can once again rest easy in your own home. While you don’t wish ill upon your neighbor, you hope he finds healthier ways of coping with his emotional distress that don’t involve the whole neighborhood.


So after all the drama, shouting matches, and petty revenge, it looks like the saga of your crybaby neighbor may finally be coming to an end. Maybe now you can look forward to quiet evenings without the sound of hysterical sobbing or plates being smashed against the wall. Sure, it’s been entertaining in a reality show kind of way, but mostly it’s just been exhausting. Here’s hoping the new owners of the place next door have a better grasp on their emotions and a higher tolerance for minor inconveniences. If not, at least you’ll have some good stories to share with friends over drinks! After 43 chapters of tears and tantrums, you’ve earned a break from the nonstop theatrics. Pour yourself a glass of wine, kick back, and enjoy the peace and quiet. You deserve it!

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