Google Chrome: beware of this message which invites you to update your browser

A particularly devious new phishing campaign is currently affecting Google Chrome users.

The latter are invited to download an update… which is not one.

Fake Google Chrome updates in circulation

At the end of last year, security researchers isolated yet another phishing campaign targeting the large number of daily users of Google Chrome. The principle is particularly sneaky, since hackers have managed to inject malicious code into the heart of various websites. Once the site is visited by the victim, a message invites him to update his browser.

This message, after all classic, does not let fear the slightest danger, especially since it is in no way insistent. It even offers the user to update later if they wish. The message is accompanied by a link in .zip format that some might be tempted to download to proceed as quickly as possible with the update.

Transparent malware and millions of potential victims

You guessed it, the file in question does not contain any update for Google Chrome. But actually installs on the victim’s PC a small Monero mining software, a cryptocurrency very popular with gamers. Everything is done in a very transparent way. In the eyes of the user on the one hand, but also in those of Windows. The program thus takes care of excluding itself from Windows Defender and suspending OS updates. Smart!

The other bad news about this malware is that it is available in a hundred different languages ​​and can therefore affect almost all daily Google Chrome users. The whole is undetectable by the majority of antiviruses in circulation. And everything is implemented to deceive the confidence of the Internet user thanks to compromised websites. As always, in order to avoid any such problem. It is more than highly recommended to never install any program from an unofficial source.

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