Derby Diversity Week Brings Inclusivity to Kentucky

Welcome to the 2023 Derby Diversity Week in the beautiful city of Louisville, Kentucky! A place where style and sophistication mingle to create a vibrant and unique fashion experience.

This year, we have an amazing lineup of fashion designers that are bringing a fresh perspective to the Derby. Dax Tailor, Jade Melvin, and Shanna Anise are just a few of the talented individuals that will be showcasing their designs as part of this event. These innovative and truly inspiring artists are breaking down barriers of representation in the fashion world and helping to foster inclusivity in Kentucky.

We invite you to join us for Derby Diversity Week 2023. Come meet these amazing designers. Learn more about their stories. And get inspired by their unique perspectives. Together, let’s celebrate fashion—and diversity!

The Kentucky Derby Steps Up for Diversity

The Kentucky Derby will be taking a step in the right direction towards promoting inclusivity and embracing diversity at the 2023 Derby Diversity Week.

The weeklong event, which runs from May 5th to 11th of 2023, will feature a mix of activities and events in Louisville, Kentucky. From a fashion show starring Dax Tailor, Jade Melvin and Shanna Anise to a series of panels centered around diversity, this week-long event will celebrate the diversity that makes Louisville so special.

During the fashion show, attendees can expect to see stunning creations from these three designers. Dax Tailor specializes in custom tailoring with an emphasis on traditional menswear; Jade Melvin brings high-end couture looks to the world of bespoke dresses; and Shanna Anise has made her mark with her unique take on contemporary streetwear.

This event marks an important milestone for the Kentucky Derby and its commitment towards embracing diversity and inclusion for all. With this fashion show, they’re one step closer towards making Derby Diversity Week an annual celebration.

Diverse Designers Take Center Stage: Meet Dax Tailor, Jade Melvin and Shanna Anise

The 2023 Kentucky Derby Diversity Week Fashion Show is set to be an incredible event showcasing the groundbreaking work of three designers. Dax Tailor, Jade Melvin, and Shanna Anise will be featured in this one-of-a-kind show — and here’s what makes them so special:

  • Dax Tailor is a successful menswear designer with a commitment to sustainability, focusing on vintage fabrics, reusing materials, and creating fashion-forward designs.
  • Jade Melvin is an up-and-coming designer from Louisville. Inspired by bright colors and bold silhouettes, her designs are perfect for any formal occasion.
  • Shanna Anise is a designer from Lexington who celebrates curves in every collection. She incorporates vintage fabrics into her pieces to bring an old-fashioned charm to modern fashion trends.

These three incredibly talented designers will make the 2023 Kentucky Derby Diversity Week Fashion Show one you won’t want to miss!

A Fashion Show Celebrating Inclusiveness

Want to make a fashion statement that stands for inclusiveness? Well, you can do that at the 2023 Derby Diversity Week Fashion Show, which will feature custom pieces from tailors Dax Tailor, Jade Melvin, and Shanna Anise.

Dax Tailor

Dax Tailor is committed to creating fashion pieces. That reflect individuality and personality through fabric. With over 25 years of experience in the industry. His pieces are perfect for any occasion; from everyday wear to a fabulous night out on the town.

Jade Melvin

Jade Melvin is an award-winning designer whose unique and creative style brings a freshness to modern apparel. Her use of bright colors and bold designs has been featured in magazines across the world.

Shanna Anise

Shanna Anise boasts an impressive resume of haute couture creations and has dressed many celebrities in her signature style of grandeur as they walk down the red carpet. Her designs are inspired by her multicultural background and use color, texture, and artistry to express inclusivity on all levels. Whether it be gender, race, or size.

The 2023 Derby Diversity Week Fashion Show will be one for the books! Get ready to show your support for diversity while looking chic in any of these designers’ collections!

How to Get Tickets for 2023 Derby Diversity Week Events

Are you excited for 2023 Derby Diversity Week? We know we are! There are so many amazing events — from a fashion show hosted by Dax Tailor, Jade Melvin and Shanna Anise, to educational panels and talks. That you won’t want to miss.

So how do you get tickets? It’s simple!

Ticket Prices

Tickets for all events will range in prices. Your ticket price will depend on the event you’re attending and what type of ticket you choose. For example, general admission tickets are available for $20 each, while VIP tickets are available for $50 per person.

Where to Buy Tickets

Tickets can be purchased online on the official Derby Diversity Week website. Or at participating venues throughout Kentucky. Make sure to purchase your tickets early as some events may sell out quickly!

You won’t want to miss out on these amazing events during the 2023 Derby Diversity Week — hurry up and get your tickets today!


The Kentucky Derby is always a riveting event, but in 2023, it will be even more powerful when Derby Diversity Week takes it to the next level. Not only will it be more inclusive and diverse than ever before. But it will also be an opportunity to celebrate the many cultures present in Kentucky.

The highlight of the week will be the fashion show. Featuring clothing designs by the talented Dax Tailor, Jade Melvin, and Shanna Anise. It’s sure to be an exciting event that will showcase the timeless beauty an diversity that is intrinsic to the Derby. It will be a celebration of diversity, unity, and inclusivity that will open hearts and minds. That’s the power of the Kentucky Derby. And a lasting reminder of how bringing people together can make for an unforgettable experience.

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