Apple’s AR headset will offer many features – users will be able to choose what they are interested in

The focus of attendees at the upcoming Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June is expected to be a mixed reality headset. As Bloomberg columnist Mark Gurman noted, Apple has not found a “super-application” that would create a rush for a headset costing about $ 3,000. Instead, it will offer a wide variety of features. So that everyone can find something interesting for themselves.

Versatile debut headset

The organization will offer a great many encounters for its presentation headset, including gaming, wellness applications and computer generated reality perusing, with the expectation that clients will find something they like all alone.

The organization did likewise when it presented the Apple Watch in 2014. Situating it as an accuracy watch, a wellness tracker, a method for sending private messages to different wearers, and that’s just the beginning. Introducing the novelty Tim Cook (Tim Cook) spoke about the use of smart watches as an Apple TV remote control. IPhone camera viewfinder and walkie-talkie. From the get-go, Apple had no clue about what highlights would ignite client interest. And only after consumer preferences became clear, the company focused on health tracking, notifications and a number of other functions.

Something similar is to be expected from Apple’s mixed reality headset, which will be called Reality Pro or Reality One. According to trademark filings, Gurman suggests.

Its specifications may include:

  • Ability to run most existing Apple apps for iPad in mixed reality combining AR and VR: Books, Camera, Contacts, FaceTime, Files, Freeform, Home, Mail, Maps, Messages, Music, Notes, Photos, Reminders, Safari, Stocks, TV , weather.
  • A new Wellness app with a focus on meditation.
  • The ability to run hundreds of thousands of existing third-party iPad apps from the App Store with either no tweaking or minimal changes.
  • A new experience for enjoying sports in virtual reality.
  • Popular third-party games run smoothly in other Apple devices.
  • The function of using the headset as an external monitor for a connected Mac.
  • Video conference with your VR avatars.
  • New tools introduces from FreeForm app.
  • A new VR-focused Fitness+ feature for headset workouts (this feature is likely to come in the future).
  • A way to view video while immersed in a virtual environment, such as a desert.
  • Users will also be able to control the headset in several different ways. Including gesture and gaze control, as well as using the Siri voice assistant. It can also be controll from a connected keyboard or from the controls of another Apple device.

In addition, Gurman expects many applications from third-party developers to be introduced. Apple plans to introduce a Mac software development kit and headset simulator at WWDC 2023. And attendees will be encouraged to build apps and services for IOS. The new mixed reality operating system.

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