A Guide to Instagram: Posting, Filtering & More

Ready to join the Instagram party and take your selfies to the next level? Great! All you need to get started is an email address and a profile picture.

Creating an Instagram account literally takes less than a minute – just enter your email address, pick a username and password, add a profile photo and love the notifications welcoming you to Instagram. Done! From there, you can easily customize your profile with a caption, website link and some hashtags.

Creating an account is the first step towards an amazing journey that will not only let you share photos, but also tap into the global community of over 1 billion users. With Instagram, you have access to a powerful network of creatives all around the world—from creative professionals to everyday people sharing their lives through posts, stories and video content.

Ready? Let’s get started!

Adding Contacts and Following Accounts

Adding contacts and following accounts on Instagram is easy! After signing into your account, simply click the “+” in the top right corner of the page to get started. From here, you can add people you know or search for public accounts that interest you. You can search by account name, or narrow down your searches using hashtags or specific interests.

Once you’ve found someone to follow, simply click on their profile and hit the “Follow” button. You’ll then be able to see their posts, stories and updates on your home page. On the same page, you can also send direct messages to start a conversation with them or continue an existing conversation.

Remember: all interactions on Instagram are visible to anyone unless set to private. So be sure to adjust any settings that allow only approved followers to comment and like your posts, as well as choosing whether or not you’d like your location displayed (which can be done through the privacy settings).

By taking the initiative to follow accounts, adding contacts and adjusting privacy settings–your Instagram experience will surely be a great one!

Posting Photos and Videos to Instagram

Posting photos and videos to Instagram is easy and fun! From your Home feed, simply click on the plus sign icon in the upper-right corner to get started. Here you can upload photos or videos from your camera roll, Live Photos, or content you create using the in-app camera. You can also check off a few boxes here to make sure your post looks just right—turn on location tags, write out captions and hashtags, tag other accounts, apply filters, and even schedule posts for later.

Once you’ve gone through all the steps, click “Share” and your post is live! Your followers will be able to see it immediately in their feed, plus other users may be able to find it if you use relevant hashtags. You can always go back and edit the location tag or add/remove hashtags if need be.

But don’t forget about the power of filters! Instagram’s in-app filters are perfect for creating beautiful visuals with just a few clicks. From sharpness adjustments to color boosts to artsy effects like Tonal and Lark—you’ll never run out of ways to make your posts stand out. Experiment with different filters for each post or even combine them for extra creative flair!

Editing Photos With Filters and Effects

You may not know this, but with Instagram, you can edit your photos with a variety of filters and effects! You’ve probably seen those vintage-looking photos, with the perfect lighting and shadowing effects – those are all possible by using the app’s built-in editing tools.

There are tons of filters to choose from, including:

  • Normal – provides subtle adjustments in exposure, contrast and saturation;
  • Clarendon – enhances colors and adds clarity without over-saturating them;
  • Juno – gives photos a slightly faded look while still retaining colors;
  • Lark – increases brightness but lowers warm tones in an image;
  • Reyes – a black-and-white filter that emphasizes shadows and highlights.

In addition to the filters, there are also various editing options for you to tweak your image. You have control over brightness, contrast and other elements which help to bring out more details in your photo. Plus you can adjust the tint of your image for a more dramatic effect. From adding an overlay to sharpening the edges, you’ll have plenty of choices!

Using Hashtags and Geotags on Posts

Hashtags and geotags are two powerful tools you can use to get your posts seen by the right people on Instagram. When you use relevant hashtags and geotags, your content will be more easily discoverable by other users. Which makes it easier for them to engage with what you’re posting.


A hashtag is a keyword or phrase preceeded by the # sign. It’s a great way to categorize content and make it easier for people to find. People can follow topics they’re interested in, allowing your post to reach a wider audience.

Geotags (Location Tags)

You can add a location tag which will show up when someone searches for that location or looks at photos from that area. This is especially useful if you’re trying to reach an audience in your local area or if you have an international audience and want them to be able to see where different posts are coming from.

Using hashtags and geotags together will help give your posts extra exposure and draw in more viewers. So don’t forget about them when you’re creating content!

Interacting With Others on the Platform

On Instagram, getting involved with the community is easy! You can interact with posts, comment on pictures and videos. Tag other profiles to get noticed, search for photos through hashtags or people you follow.

Interact With Posts

If you like a post, make sure to give it a ‘like’. Show your support and appreciation!

Comment and Tag

You can leave comments on post as part of the conversation. And if you want to draw even more attention to the post, don’t forget to tag others in your comment. This gives you an opportunity to actively join the conversations taking place on Instagram and engage even further with your audience.

Hashtags & Following Others

Hashtags are essential on Instagram when it comes to discoverability. When tagging media, use relevant hashtags so that other people who share similar interests will have an easier time finding your photos or videos. You can also explore what others are posting through hashtags or by following other accounts and interactions. If a profile interests you, be sure to give them a follow!

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