A board game will be released in the Call of Duty shooter universe

Today, fans of the Call of Duty gaming series were delighted that Modern Warfare will receive a sequel. True, the catch is that this will not be a new video game or even an add-on, but a tabletop adventure. Moreover, Arcane Wonders, paired with Activision, even became generous with a full-fledged teaser for this project.

Call of Duty comes with great features

The board game will be distributed via Kickstarter in the summer of 2023, and below the video is a description of the rules and basics of how this unusual variation on the Call of Duty theme will work. The creators of the game promise “intense combat and tactical planning”, and all this will be wrapped in high-quality artwork and miniatures of soldiers.

The idea seems rather odd, but it seems to reflect Activision’s desire to expand its reach beyond digital entertainment. True, the idea of ​​​​a film based on the Warcraft universe once did not work out, and the picture did not claim cult status. How the situation will develop with the board game is still unclear, especially in Russia, from which many foreign companies like Wargaming left with the start of CBO.

In any case, almost any board game will find its niche. Since this entertainment does not require specific skills, unlike the esports industry. And if we talk specifically about the digital world of CoD. A full-fledged continuation is expected in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Reliable with new features

Recall that the history of Horizon Forbidden West ended on a cliffhanger. Both the Burning Shores add-on, which debuted recently on PS5. And the director of the game itself, clearly hinted at the continuation. But there has been no official announcement so far.

As it became known from a recent publication by Guerrilla Games. The future of Horizon will include not only the multiplayer offshoot of the series, confirmed in December. But also “Aloy’s next adventure.”

In terms of changes to Guerrilla, Angie Smets. Who is leaving PlayStation Studios, will be replaced by Production Director Joel Eschler. General Manager Hella Schmidt and Art Director Jan-Bart van Beak (Jan-Bart van Beek). The Skyline series as of now has two primary titles (Skyline Zero Sunrise, Illegal West) alongside. The VR branch-off Call of the Mountain for PS VR2. A PS5 revamp of Skyline Zero Sunrise is likewise reputed to be in progress.

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